Bringing our quality fresh teas, herbs, fruit and flowers into our unique tea recipes.

largest teabags

Our magical super sized tea bags hold up to 4 times more WHOLE ingredients than most other brands, making them the largest teabags in the tea world! We don't add any ground up teas or cheap fillers.


Our tea bags are made from unbleached, compostable cellulose fiber and break down in compost within 90 days! We prioritize health and flavor all while conserving our environment. 

Robust flavor

At Dragon Girl Tea you'll find that our teas are surprisingly smooth in flavor and even our green teas are not bitter. Because we fill our giant compostable teabags with whole teas, fruits, flowers and herbs, and we pack more ingredients per teabag than almost any other leading brand, your tea experience will be altered forever! Ranging from delicate jasmine to pops of fruit, we have a flavorful experience for everyone!

Our Mission

Dragon Girl Tea strives to enrich the lives of our customers and those around us by bringing them joy and wisdom through the energies and good practices that go into our tea making and through sharing the stories and philosophies in The World of Dragon Girl. We are a community focused entity that is passionate about sustainability and prioritizes health and wellness over profit. We aim to reflect our values through our work culture, and the choice of ingredients, materials, and processes we use to produce, package, and deliver our products.


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