Our Mission- Compassion Kindness

The Dragon Girl stands for kindness, compassion, joy, inner youth and wisdom. We are passionate about promoting Chinese tea art and culture, eastern philosophies for the modern world, and positive energy in a new and creative way. It is only natural that Dragon Girl Tea Co. should be committed to earth friendly practices.

Eco Friendly Packaging

We are 95% PLASTIC FREE because we believe that the earth needs our help! We have painstakingly packed our tea into Super sized, compostable bags, wrapped in compostable wrappers. 

Whole & Fresh Ingredients

Our teas and herbs are guaranteed to be fresh and are sourced from our reliable partners and plantations. We don’t grind up our teas and cover the bitterness with lots of different flavors. 

Work Culture

Our workplace experience includes giving our staff the space they need to create and accomplish the work. Schedules are flexible, lunch hours can be longer, and sick days are encouraged to keep the health of everyone in mind. Everyone works hard, but never at the expense of mental and physical health. This creates a more dynamic and loving workplace, that we will strive to keep even as we are expanding.

Freedom & Equity

Dragon Girl Tea believes that people and animals have a right to a healthy and beautiful life. Marginalized communities should be uplifted and given time to be understood. Personal choice should be respected. We are not into the politics of the world, but we are into people and their freedom to be themselves. Being kind and compassionate doesn't cost a thing.

Meet Our Team

Erin Markle

Founder of Dragon Girl Tea, Dragon Girl Kids & Creator of the World of Dragon Girl
Favorite Teas: Jasmine Green Tea, Matcha, Chrysanthemum Tea, Pu Erh Tea

A long time practitioner of the Chinese Martial Arts of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation, Erin was mentored for nearly 20 years by her master, a Buddhist monk and other masters in the Chinese Arts that led to her founding her own kung fu school.  

Mark Tomlinson

Operations Manager
Favorite Teas: Bamboo Ocean Green Tea, Sleepy Plum Tea, Silver Needle White Tea

Mark has a degree in business management and has studied Chinese martial arts and kung fu tea on a daily basis since 2015.

Katarzyna Gawronska (Catherine)

Creative Designer
Favorite Teas: Jasmine Green Tea, Sleepy Plum Tea

Catherine’s design portfolio includes visual identities, logo projects, packaging and stationery design, social media content and web design.

Fresh Organic

Dragon Girl Tea Co. pledges to bring quality fresh teas, herbs, fruit and flowers into our unique tea recipes. We always source non GMO, vegan products and nearly all of our teas, fruits, herbs and flowers are organic and sourced from small, well cared for tea plantations.