Yes! Our Flower Power Mint, Sleepy Plum, Strawberry Cloud, and our Kids teas - Strawberry Lollipop and Yummy Tummy Tea are all Caffeine Free.

Green and white teas have the least caffeine.  Oolong teas have more caffeine than green and white but vary depending on the type of oolong tea.  Red and Black teas have the most caffeine.


Each of our tea bags can be steeped at least twice. Some people report they can steep 3 or 4 times per tea bag, especially for certain flavors.

For most of our tea bags, we recommend steeping for 1 minute for the first steeping and 2 minutes for the second steeping. Each product pouch has the steeping directions on it for reference, but you can also vary the steeping time depending on your preference.

Yes, our tea bags are made of wood pulp fiber and are 100% compostable after about 90 days in your home compost or compost service.

We pack each tea bag with whole fruits, herbs, flowers, and tea. While store bought tea bags are often 2 g per bag made with ground up ingredients (usually low quality), most of our tea bags are 4 to 5 g per bag and some are almost 10 grams! 


The short answer is yes BUT that is because most tea bags are made with bleached material, and are filled with cheap tea, fillers and low quality ingredients that are NOT good for health. If the ingredients do have any quality, it’s usually in a small tea bag, ground up and you will have to steep the tea for 4 to 5 minutes to get the flavor out.  Our tea bags are STUFFED with whole ingredients and are totally chemical free and compostable. You only have to steep the bag for 1 to 2 minutes to get a smooth flavor that will not have any bitterness.

Some tea lovers also just prefer loose leaf tea so that they can make it themselves and appreciate the tea leaves, while also enjoying the varieties of beautiful tea ware that are found throughout Asian tea culture.

Each tea has varying steep times and the specific directions are on the bag of each one of our products. Generally, we recommend steeping for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes for the first steeping and 2 minutes or more for the second steeping. For a much stronger flavor, you can try up to 3 minutes but green, white and some oolong teas can become bitter if steeped too long.


Yes, all of our Hot Chocolates Are vegan, organic and made with good ingredients.

Our Organic Hot Chocolates are made with organic cacao and have less sugar than any other Hot Chocolate on the market. Organic cacao has a host of proven health benefits including being full of anti-inflammatory flavanols. Flavanols may protect your body against cardiovascular disease, improve your blood circulation and lower the risk of stroke. And just like tea, cacao is full of polyphenols, which protect cells from premature oxidation - meaning it has anti-aging effects! Even better, all natural cacao is a great mood lifter and research has shown it’s a natural antidepressant.

Dragon Girl chose to add Vegan Hot Chocolates to our lineup, because We believe enjoying delicious food and drink can also have much needed health benefits.

Our Hot Chocolates have 40% less sugar than leading brands and yet are still packed full of flavor!