Dragon Girl Tea Organic Loose Leaf Bamboo Ocean Green Tea
Dragon Girl Tea Organic Loose Leaf Bamboo Ocean Green Tea
Dragon Girl Tea Organic Loose Leaf Bamboo Ocean Green Tea
Dragon Girl Tea Organic Loose Leaf Bamboo Ocean Green Tea
Dragon Girl Tea Organic Loose Leaf Bamboo Ocean Green Tea
Dragon Girl Tea Organic Loose Leaf Bamboo Ocean Green Tea
Dragon Girl Tea Organic Loose Leaf Bamboo Ocean Green Tea
Dragon Girl Tea Organic Loose Leaf Bamboo Ocean Green Tea

Bamboo Ocean - Jiangsu Province (Organic) - Loose Leaf

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Makes 16 servings per pouch!

This is not your average grocery store green tea! Grown in the pristine Bamboo Ocean of Liyang, Jiangsu Province, this tea has delicious notes of asparagus and sweet grass.

Unlike most grocery green teas, the fresh scent, beautiful color and whole buds, provide you with a smooth and stellar cup of green tea, without the bitterness. Our Bamboo Ocean Green Tea has tremendous health benefits and is especially good during the warm weather, humid weather, for women’s health and in general for people who run warm, or need detoxifying.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Green Tea

Organic, non-gmo, Chinese Green Tea

Fresh scent

Smooth vegetal flavor without bitterness

Detoxifying, super antioxidant. THIS TEA TASTES SMOOTH & DELICIOUS HOT OR CHILLED!

Size 24 g

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Our tea boxes and pouches are 100% recyclable.
Our 100% compostable, unbleached tea bags are 3 to 4 times the size of regular grocery tea bags and are filled with whole herbs, tea, fruit and flowers. They contain no unhealthy additives, preservatives, cheap fillers, or low quality teas!
Our tea bags and wrappers are 100% compostable! They have been shown to break down in 30 to 90 days. The wrappers are made from corn, and are not harmful to the environment.
DGT co is doing our part to curb plastic pollution and environmental degradation. We hope you will support us, so we may keep doing our best!

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Robust Flavor

Fast Steep Time

No Fillers

Reduced Bitterness


Organic Green Tea


1. Put approx. 2 teaspoons of tea into your mug or small teapot.
2. Boil water at 175 degrees (small bubbles), add approx. 8oz. of water.
3. Rinse your tea for approximately 5-10 seconds and dump out rinse water.
4. Pour water over your tea again and steep 30-40 seconds. Remove loose leaf tea from the water (oversteeping could make it bitter).
5. Re-steep your tea 1-2 more times, increasing the steep time for each subsequent brew, enjoy!


Bamboo Ocean Green Tea is filled with antioxidants and special compounds in the tea are excellent at removing toxins and free radicals in the body. This tea is grown in southern China surrounded by bamboo trees and fresh air.
According to Chinese medicine, green tea is cooling and is best to drink in spring and summer, or hot and humid climates year round. It’s also a good choice for people who feel overheated, exhausted or tired out at any time of the year. It keeps the body cool, helps the body to digest heavy meals, and although it is excellent for both men and women, it’s also very good for women’s hormone balance.

The short answer is yes BUT that is because most tea bags are made with bleached material, and are filled with cheap tea, fillers and low quality ingredients that are NOT good for health. If the ingredients do have any quality, it’s usually in a small tea bag, ground up and you will have to steep the tea for 4 to 5 minutes to get the flavor out.  Our tea bags are STUFFED with whole ingredients and are totally chemical free and compostable. You only have to steep the bag for 1 to 2 minutes to get a smooth flavor that will not have any bitterness.Some tea lovers also just prefer loose leaf tea so that they can make it themselves and appreciate the tea leaves, while also enjoying the varieties of beautiful tea ware that are found throughout Asian tea culture.

Each tea has varying steep times and the specific directions are on the bag of each one of our products. Generally, we recommend steeping for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes for the first steeping and 2 minutes or more for the second steeping. For a much stronger flavor, you can try up to 3 minutes but green, white and some oolong teas can become bitter if steeped too long.

Green and white teas have the least caffeine.  Oolong teas have more caffeine than green and white but vary depending on the type of oolong tea.  Red and Black teas have the most caffeine.