Welcome to the World of Dragon Girl

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The Dragon Girl has transformative powers to change freely between a girl, a dragon form and a Buddhist monk. Some say she can transform in other ways, but she hasn’t freely shown such forms to anyone yet.

She can see a being's past lives and travel to other realms through flying and teleporting. She carries some magical tools such as her Phoenix teapot, Magic Sandalwood Bracelet, The Tian Long sword and Wishing Pearls.

Character Qualities

She is friendly and kind, with the ability to be firm when seeking justice. Because she is considered a magical and wise being, she is humble - but she can also be loud, confident and exuberant when she is speaking the truth to others. The Dragon Girl enjoys traveling to different worlds and realms, meeting new friends of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors and abilities. 

Meet Dragon Girl's Apprentice

The Dragon Girl’s befriended Lulong when she was just 5 years old. Lulong acts as extra eyes and ears for The Dragon Girl. If she needs assistance, he is there to help. If he isn’t floating around the shoulder of The Dragon Girl, her little friend hides in the embroidery of her jacket or the handle of her sword.

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