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Did you know that headaches can come from a variety of issues? According to TCM, headaches can arise from poor circulation in the head, liver stagnation and poor digestion.

Herbs and tea are an amazing way to find relief from headaches. For this post, I'll just address the type of headache that can arise from stress and sluggish circulation in the liver. These headaches usually occur at the sides of the head and can range from mild throbbing to full blow migraines.

The liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi (energy) in the body. As most people know, the liver helps detoxify the bloodstream and a healthy liver allows for better sleep, stable mood and other important bodily functions such as a healthy menstrual cycle. During prolonged times of stress, poor diet and lack of movement the liver qi becomes "stagnant" or the liver yin becomes deficient. Both things cause circulation troubles in the body. 

The fascinating part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  is that it is said that migraines can be a result of an internal disharmony OR an "external" invasion. This is a complex theory I won't dive too much into this time, but the idea is that the body can absorb climactic factors like wind, heat, and cold etc. especially when you're weak or tired. Once absorbed, good exercise and diet can help to circulate and release it- but if someone sits a lot, eats poorly, has a weak constitution, then these factors can lead to disharmonies and disease. So changing your lifestyle is an important part of healing from chronic headaches, just as much as what you take once they arise. 

In TCM taking a full herbal remedy is better than just taking a single herb, but in some cases drinking a Milk Thistle Tea can serve to soothe the liver and decrease headache pain and even certain types of menstrual pain!  Ginger Tea can also very good for migraines but if there is a lot of heat, you should add some mint to the tea. You can steep both in hot water, or for a stronger brew you can boil several slices/leaves for a a few minutes.

For mild headaches, Jasmine Green Tea can work wonders. When you drink 2 to 3 full cups often your digestion will improve and your headache will recede. And finally, catching your headaches EARLY is better, so you can give your body a boost in releasing the tension and blockages.

Although there are other reasons behind headaches, I hope this gives you a few more tools in your tool box. So before you turn to ibuprofen, try some tea first! 

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